Private Piano Instruction:
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Tuition and Fees:

Monthly tuition includes a weekly private lesson, all required music and theory books, periodic studio classes, studio recitals, access to SAMTA student recitals and events, and access to online video tutorials developed for my students. Tuition is the same each month regardless of the number of weeks in the month. 

  • 30-minute lesson: $125/month
  • 45-minute lesson: $165/month
  • 60-minute lesson: $180/month

Practice Guidelines:

To get the most out of lessons it is imperative that students are well-prepared for each lesson. I suggest students practice at least five days a week without taking two days off in a row. For most beginning students dedicating 20-30 minutes a day will be sufficient. For more advanced students, 45-60 minutes may be more appropriate. 

Practice Instrument:

Piano students must have access to an adequate instrument in their home. This  can be either an acoustic or digital piano. If a digital piano is used it must have 88 weighted keys and a pedal. I am more than happy to make recommendations and/or suggestions in this area, please ask for help! 

Referral Program:

Receive a gift card or tuition discount when you refer a student that joins the studio 

2018-2019 Student Accomplishments & Activities:

* 1 student earned a perfect score on the 6th grade  2018-2019 TMTA theory test

* 1 student earned a perfect score on the 1st grade 2018-2019 TMTA theory test

* 1 student placed 2nd in the state-level JK Hodges Contemporary Piano Competition

* 2 Studio Classes hosted at the Steinway Piano Gallery of San Antonio 

* 4 students earned blue ribbons at 2019 SAMTA Achievement Auditions


* How much are lessons? 

     Monthly tuition is based on the length of the weekly private lesson. I offer 30, 45 and 60-minute lessons. The tuition includes a weekly lesson, required books, studio classes and recitals, access to SAMTA student events and access to online video tutorials. Tuition reflects my graduate and post-graduate studies in piano performance and pedagogy, national certification, and years of teaching and performing experience.  

  • 30-minute lesson: $125/month
  • 45-minute lesson: $165/month
  • 60-minute lesson: $180/month

* What ages do you teach? 

     Generally I teach students ages 6 and up, however, I only accept students into my studio after meeting with them to determine their readiness for piano lessons and to ensure it's a good fit between teacher, student and family.  

* We don't have a piano, can we still start lessons? 

     To get the most out of lessons I insist students have an instrument to practice on at the start of lessons. Renting a piano may be a good option at the beginning stages of lessons. 

* We didn't practice much this week, should we still come to lessons?

     Yes! I understand that sometimes life gets in the way of practice. As long as poor practice weeks are the exception and not the norm, please come to your lesson! 

* Should the parent be present in the lesson? 

     While not mandatory, it is highly encouraged that a parent is present in the lesson so they can assist with effective practice during the week. This is particularly true for young students.  


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2018-2019 DOCUMENTS

Pre-College Registration Form 2018-2019 (pdf)


Assignment Sheet (pdf)


Piano Practice Log (docx)